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Home Kitchen was created by Peter Philis & Paul Modica.  Having worked together over the past 5 years at a prominent New York City Steakhouse, this is where they met and wanted to expand their passion for great food & great hospitality.  Home Kitchen was founded.

Paul entered the food industry working at a butcher shop on Manhattan’s East Side at the age of 16. Afterwards he worked at the legendary Manhattan Café & Ben Benson’s Steakhouse and most recently Bobby Van’s Steakhouse.  Paul’s passion for cooking started in his home kitchen with his grandmothers’ and mothers’ recipes.  Over the years mastering the recipes for family and friends, he now wants to share their wonderful home cooking.

Peter has been in the restaurant business since before he was born.  His great-grandfather started the iconic Lexington Candy Shop which has been a mainstay of the Upper East Side since 1925.  Peter started working there as soon as he could count change. Over the years he has made many friends and relationships in the neighborhood. Between Bobby Vans and Lexington Candy Shop, Peter learned the art of hospitality and fostered his love for great food.

Food & hospitality are what drive Peter & Paul and they want everyone to feel special and comfortable when they walk through their door.  To let them know that they are coming home, at Home Kitchen.   They want to evoke that warm & happy feeling that everyone has when they think about their favorite comfort food, eating at home when they were growing up.